Elevated from our warm bodies
consumed by the gap between all things
Where particles of energy
are scrambled and rearranged
reborn as a grain of sand
a drop of water in the ocean
a single vibration through the humid dawn of April
a sound unheard
flying from a creaking branch through the forest
into the world
excited to break the silence
How the water flows
with force and passion
without remorse or consideration
How strong they are together
holding hands,
connecting all things
Like a ray of light egnites
the Spirit
and echoes like a drumroll
though the imaginary void
And how is just a drop
or just a ray
if audibly excluded from the whole 
as if it matters what i say
In the darkest deepest place ande hour
a grain of sand holds the knowledge of the universe
all time, 
all space,
irrespective of the laws of nature,
of common sense,
of opinion,
of words.
Showered by the Sun
our warm bodies submerged
in sand and salty water
direcly in connection
with the world.
Jamie Nilsson 
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