little girl.

once upon a time
there was a little girl
she lived among the gods
and preyed upon the world

she cuppes her little fingers
and it sinks into her clutches
she sings a jolly tune
while she ruin all she touches

she spreads the grimmest plague
and floods the sees and rivers
she fills the men with rage
and makes the women quiver

untill one day she noticed
the little boys and girls
that never seemed too bothered
they didn't make good toys

whatever beast or cruelty
she would send their way
they would sleep at night
and laugh and play all day

furious and beaten
the girl began to cry
she drowned the earth in seconds
then watched the children die

like a muddy little ball
where everything was dead
she let the world roll under
her majestic kingsize bed

what then was she to do
she couldn't sleep all night
little childrens laughter
was giving her a fright

the little girl was lonely
she glared down on the floor
the lifeless little globe
was much more fun before

her bitter mind was burning
though her heart was cold as ice
she snatched it in her grasp
and bounced it once or twice

she dryed it with her sleeve
and lit a candle light
she held it to the flame
and giggled with delight

for through the shallow ashes
from the burning shadowlands
crawled the little children
right back into her hands

Jamie Nilsson 15/8-08

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